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Breath of imagination by heydeezee Breath of imagination :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0 Dark Thoughts by heydeezee Dark Thoughts :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 1 0 Birth of a star by heydeezee Birth of a star :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 2 1
Love potions
If I knew how to make love potions
I would make people love themselves
If only I knew the recipe for love potions
I’d make chemical weapons for people to love themselves
I’d make them appreciate themselves
I’d make them admire themselves
I’d make them care for themselves
I’d make them stare at mirrors and long for themselves
I’d make them laugh at their own jokes
Like “Oh my God you’re just too funny”
I’d make them complement their looks
Like “Oh stop it you, you sweet pot of honey”
I’d make them stand up for themselves
When someone’s treating them bad
I’d make them cheer up themselves
When they are feeling down and sad
If only I knew how to make love potions
Sweetheart I would make you love yourself
If only I had the recipe for love potions
I’d make you love yourself before you loved me
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Jazzy nights by heydeezee Jazzy nights :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0 Sore eyes by heydeezee Sore eyes :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 1 0 Extraterrestrial: Head and heart by heydeezee Extraterrestrial: Head and heart :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0 Echo Fusion by heydeezee Echo Fusion :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0
The florist
Her dad had an accident, a really bad one
It happened when she was 5 or so, she was really young
It left him in a vegetative state laying in bed
She didn't understand why dad couldn't respond to words she said
With tears in her eyes, everyday she sang
Momma barely held it together, as numb as her dad
So one day they pulled the plug and put him in the ground
Mum said he went from a vegetable to a seed in the ground
Maybe one day she'd see him bloom to a beautiful flower
In another world that's near but far from ours
That little girl became the florist down the street
You might see her with a guitar strumming a tune so sweet
The florist with the guitar, beauty of the night
She now wears my ring, the love of my life
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Serene Day by heydeezee Serene Day :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0 Momma by heydeezee Momma :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 1 0 Reach by heydeezee Reach :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 2 0
My Mystery
She sang, I talked
She danced, I walked
She dreamt, I thought
She laughed, I smiled
The days got longer and the nights got cold
I lost the sun and the stars where yours
The music was good and your heart was pure
Your eyes were pretty and my heart was yours
You are so vain and to you time is pain
Staring, lost in the mirror for hours on end
You’re lost on another planet, I don’t know why
But you got me always staring at the sky
FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! Your pictures everywhere
Your eyes, your lips, your body, your hair
You got beauty and brains but you only use one
But you keep me thinking and you make life fun
And I know forever seems like a time too long
But I’ll keep your fairy tales playing all night long…
:iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0
An Interview with Cupid
Voice over: Ladies and gentlemen it's your host with the most, the man with a plan, your boy from Atlantis HEYDEEZEE! On today's episode of one verse we are going to interview someone you know and love, well some think he sucks. He's the fellow with arrows, the guy that flies, for the love of God please welcome the god of love.......CUPID
The audience gasped and chattered as tall man in a silk black hoodie walked on to the stage. He had two stubs on his back that looked like broken horns concealed by his robes. He had a five o clock shadow and blood-shot  eyes. He carried an empty quiver and an arrow. As he sat, he peered deeply into heydeezee's eyes and smiled.
Heydeezee - So I'm sure most of these people find it hard to believe that you're actually cupid. Is there anyway you can prove this to us? Be a sport, give us a show
Cupid - I'm here, that's enough, I don't have to prove anything to anyone and I don't do shows. I'm a god not a clown
Heydeezee - Hahaha ladies and
:iconheydeezee:heydeezee 0 0
An Ode to Gwen
It bothered me for the longest time
Nagging in it's pointless rhyme
It was everywhere, unavoidable
On the radio and even on cable
And I wondered about it's very existence
She was repeatedly screaming out that sentence
Its melody, the yells, the drums
Beckoning you to rhythms and hums
Its simplicity was perplexing
Its catchiness was vexing
The marching band went on and on
The cheerleaders had all the fun
I forgot about it but sometimes I still hear her yell
And I wonder "What the hell is a hollaback girl?"
An ode to gwen stefani
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Look up, Take to the sky by heydeezee Look up, Take to the sky :iconheydeezee:heydeezee 1 0


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